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I started replaying. xD

Anyone with a prompt or an idea they want written out? (I only do oneshots or drabbles, people. Don't expect epicness.)

PM me or comment here with it. I'll see what I can do! <3
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New to a dead community...

I'm new to the community. Even though it's dead. D: But I still joined. Because I could. And because I'm obsessed with the pairing right now.

You can call me Starry. Or Star. Or 'that one newb' :D

Also... I'm sorry... I have no fanfiction or art to contribute. I like drawing and writing, but it takes forever for me to do an art, and I'm really really bad at fanfiction. My style and writing are fine, it's just characterization... yeah.

But I might make art at some point! ...even if I'm the only person here. >.>
Item Creation

Is It Just Me Or...?

Does every FaytXAlbel lemon fic have the same set up?

Albel and Fayt: *screw like bunnies*
Albel: Ok, now GTFO.
Fayt: *cries*

Not that it's a bad thing but it seems to be a reoccurring theme.


from gamera

"The tri-Ace Kink Meme

We've all done kink memes before, right? Just in case you don't know the drill, here's a brief refresher:

(1) You request a pairing and a kink.

(2) A like-minded writer or artist replies with a fic or a sketch.

(3) Everyone profits!

Any game done primarily by members of the tri-Ace team (thus including its fork team tri-Crescendo, and games done by Wolf Team before tri-Ace split off) is fair game here! Spin-off media (i.e. Star Ocean EX) is also welcome."


Heehee. I'm Insane. x3

Thank you for reminding me of why I'm sick inside. Thank you for the venom, did you think it would paralyze? These scars I scratch, I tear are there under my skin, where you've always been. Thank you for reminding me to sin with a grin.

Title: Sin with a Grin
Fandom: Star Ocean III: Till The End of Time
Pairing: FaytxAlbel
Notes: Written to defy the blushy/shy!Fayt.

Summary: Fayt takes advantage of a drugged Albel.

I've got way's you understand...Collapse )


Oh, btw. This is ijuuinseira on my other account. <3 Hope you all enjoyed this!

Hangman standing on a twisted 2x4. Built your house, but forgot to lock the door. I'm inside with two black eyes...
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