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Heehee. I'm Insane. x3

Thank you for reminding me of why I'm sick inside. Thank you for the venom, did you think it would paralyze? These scars I scratch, I tear are there under my skin, where you've always been. Thank you for reminding me to sin with a grin.

Title: Sin with a Grin
Fandom: Star Ocean III: Till The End of Time
Pairing: FaytxAlbel
Notes: Written to defy the blushy/shy!Fayt.

Summary: Fayt takes advantage of a drugged Albel.

A moan, breathy pants filled the silence.

A hand worked their way up a bare leg, nails curling to scratch along the milky skin, leaving small red marks behind. A hiss.

"Hurry up, fool."

All there was in response was another scratch, longer, harder.

This was sick, so sick. How was this happening?

Albel's head fell back against the wall with a shaky moan as Fayt's lips latched to his shoulder, sucking and nibbling. Why had he ever agreed to this?

He glared through narrowed eyes at the glass at the other end of the room. It had all started with that concoction the blunette made. And now here he was, weakened and moaning beneath the others ministrations.

His breathing hitched at the other male bit down at the junction where his neck and shoulder joined. He exhaled sharply as their hand settled on his hip. His clawed hand curled warningly against the others arm.

All he got in response was a cheeky grin.

He snarled, but was soon distracted by the others lips on his. He could still taste the remnants of the drink on their lips. A hand slid up his chest, before nails scraped downwards, just barely teasing over a nipple. He groaned.

Fayt smiled to himself as he teased the older male; he'd grown bold ever since he decided to travel with Albel. He'd decided, he'd had enough of just sitting back and letting the other have his way all the time. One could say he'd learned from the best as he teased a finger through golden brown curls, tugging one lightly, earning another hiss.

Albel's hips twitched in response, the other thrashed their head, snarling again at how pliant their body was to the blue haired embodiment of destruction. His claw pierced skin, but Fayt didn't flinch, only grinned wider. It was a sign he was getting to him.

Kissing up his neck to nibble on his ear lightly, he was rewarded with a shiver from the 'Wicked one'. Finally getting tired of just teasing, he let his fingers lazily curl around Albel's shaft to begin pumping lightly, earning a quiet whimper from the taller. They trashed against him, albeit weakly, the drug he'd given them still kept him from being able to move that much.

"I-I'll kill you when this is over, maggot..."

Fayt smirked. He dragged a nail lightly across the head of his cock.

A strangled noise.

"You were saying...?" He responded sweetly.

A growl.

Fayt decided he liked Albel like this. Of course, he liked him, anyway. Especially when he was over him, fucking him senseless, but this was nice, too... He felt heady with power, he idly wondered if this was how the other felt about him when they were like this.

All the while, he'd been speeding his movements, working the other harder, faster. Strangled noises, hissed, moans were the only signs he was given.

He crushed his lips to Albel's again, plundering his mouth in a fierce kiss, keeping time to his movements with his tongue. Crimson eyes clenched shut and a shudder rode down his spine as his hips bucked into Fayt's hand.

So close...

He let out a low moan, claw digging deeper into Fayt's arm. It stung, but it was worth it to Fayt. He watched Albel's expressions change. He leaned up, pushing his entire body against the other's, pumping him all the faster, bringing his mouth to the other's ear.

"Fuck, you're sexy like this. It makes me want to cum myself just watching you."

That did it.

Hearing the smaller boy speak so dirty, the pace too fast, and the aphrodisiac having taken its course, he let out a loud groan as he came.

Fayt slowed his motions, but continued to pump the brunette-blond until he was spent. from there, he licked his hand clean, smiling all the while. The other slumped against the wall, shivering.

Crimson glared from half-lidded eyes.

"Are you happy now, maggot?"

Fayt leaned forward, kissing Albel's lips again, taking his time as he gently pulled the other from the wall. He guided them to the bed and without warning, pushed them down onto it and climbed over them.

Widening their eyes, Albel's expression was priceless. Fayt's smirking face came into view as he pinned either of his hands on either side of his head.

"Oh no, Bel-chan. We've only just begun..."


Oh, btw. This is ijuuinseira on my other account. <3 Hope you all enjoyed this!

Hangman standing on a twisted 2x4. Built your house, but forgot to lock the door. I'm inside with two black eyes...

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