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Twisted Affection

Birthday fic~

Okay, so this is a bday fic/gift for my friend Chaos_Silk/Alternate_Chaos here on LJ but I decided I'd share it with you all so you can get some amusement out of my writing. <3

Birthday Gift

Fayt blinked rapidly when a box was suddenly shoved infront of his face. It was poorly wrapped in blue paper with a clumsily-tied bow, but there was no mistaking the gauntlet that was holding it infront of him. He glanced up to see a mildly annoyed Albel.

"What's this for?" He asked confusedly as he slowly accepted the box from the male, not opening it yet.

"I thought it was a custom of you earthling maggots to celebrate the day of your birth." Albel replied dryly with a snort.

It clicked finally to Fayt. It was his birthday. "Oh...oh! I forgot it was today." The blue haired teen said with a mild flush, before shrugging. "It feels like just another day."

"Well?" The Elicoorian snapped. "Are you going to open it or not? I wasted training time making you a useless gift, the least you could be is grateful that I, the great Albel, decided to even give you a gift."

Fayt smiled. "Of course I'm going to open it." He replied, not deterred the least by the others way of speaking. He carefully undid the bow and unwrapped the paper before sliding the top of the box off.

His expression morphed to a soft one when he picked up the beautifully wrought pendant in the shape of a dragon curled around a ruby stone protectively. "It's wonderful, Albel." He said with rushed awe as he undid the clasp and fastened it around his neck. "Thank you."

The corner of the Elicoorian's lips twitched for a second before the man snorted, crossing his arms. "Whatever."

Fayt sood from the chair he'd been sitting in, smiling only wider as he reached for the other and wound his arms around his neck, pulling the other down to plant a kiss on his lips. "It means a lot to me that you remembered."

"Stop with the sentimentalness, fool." Albel replied, pushing Fayt away, but not hard. "It's unbecoming."

The blue haired earthling only smiled. "Of course."

He was about to turn and go back to the book he'd been reading, but he found himself being hoisted up over the others shoulder. "Albel, what--" He began.

"I'm not finished with you, yet, Leingod." Albel replied wryly as he strode across the room to deposit the smaller male onto his bed, smirking as he crawled over him. "Not nearly finished."

Fayt only laughed softly. "Of course, Albel. Of course..."



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