Introduction and ficlet!

Hello everyone! I am Ijuuin Seira. =) Nice to meet you all. I am but a humble gamer and I stumbled across Star Ocean Till The End of Time a few years ago,... I only recently got the game and reignited my love for AlbelxFayt/FaytxAlbel. For that reason, I am posting here my only drabble I've done so far for this pairing. <3 It was done as a birthday gift to a dear friend of mine. =)

Fandom: Star Ocean III.
Rating: PG
Pairing: AlbelxFayt.

Summary: Despite his claims, Fayt knows underneath, Albel wouldn't kill him.

Can't think of a witty cut this time...Collapse )

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Multi-fandom forum-based RPG with a storyline that will evolve as characters interact. The mods are open-minded, so mature players are preferred.

We hope to see you there!

Sweet Luther its been a while

Cloud and I made this during dinner tonight. I just thought you all would enjoy

The 4D Lords Prayer

O Luther who arte in 4D
Creator be they name
For Sphere we come
Hacking be done
In game as is on floor 211.

Give us this day our daily level
and forgive us that have come to pwn you
as we forgive those who have pwnd us.

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I bid you gifts from my planet

Hello there~ I am new. (Well obviously. :D)  I don't know why I didn't join this community sooner! I am such a crazy Alfay fangirl. No lie!

As I said, I bring gifts with my arrival! What kinds of gifts you say...well....♪


But not just any kind of fanart...Ke ke ke...

Just see for yourselves, fools. ♥



(There really is Alfay in here, I swear it!)


Hope you enjoyed that little art dump~ Goodbye! ♪

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Sealing Fate~ Chapter One

Title: Sealing Fate
author: Iggy Lovechild
rating: eventual mature rating? For now...um, Pg-13...ish
disclaimer: The characters of SO:3 do not belong to me. They belong to Square/Enix and were created by a bunch of nice folks at Tri-Ace.

summary: Fayt dreams of mass destruction and fears that he might still lose control. How far will he go to repress his power? Meanwhile, Albel comes to grips with the concept that he actually cares about Fayt and is determined not to let him slip through his fingers.

chapter summary: Secrets are kept, confessions are made, and a simple fondness has begun to cross the lines into obsessive desire.

Erm...hello again

Some of you may remember me, though perhaps not.

I'm currently working on the first chapter of a new Alfay fic after quite a long while absent from the fandom. As a writer, I've gained a bit of maturity and I was deeply saddened to find a lot of my old Alfay fics were lacking a certain something.  Never did write the epic I'd always hoped to write. 

Ah, if anyone still remembers me (or is feeling generous and friendly) perhaps I can enlist the help of a beta to catch any inconsistencies. I no longer own the game, though I still remember much if it quite well. No surprise really since SO:3 occupied my PS2 for 6 long months or obsessive playing. XDD

Anyway, the story is currently untitled, though I'm kicking around "Sifting Through Ashes" in my head. For some reason it's a phrase I've been longing to use as a story title for a small age. Chapter one will be called "Daylight". Hopefully it will be posted soon as it's almost finished. 
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Dreams yeah have you ever...


This is been ages Since I've last posted here but I did have a Dream ware Fayt and Albel was At the Library but on the other hand it was much like a School since it was almost like a POV How you can see Fayt was trying to study and Albel being his usual safe as the bell rang and I Was late who ever I was dreaming to be as I left them as things start to get hot between the two And I woke up... all right did anyone ever make a Library fic between the two? or have Hot Sexy dreams of them that almost make you want to say WTF in the Morning?

I Guess this is what I get for replaying Star Ocean 3 once more win I get some spare time
Anyways thanks for listing to me.
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