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alfei lovers unite !

the faytxalbel community

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Fayt/Albel Fan Community
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Welcome to the first community on LJ dedicated to the pairing of Fayt Leingod and Albel Nox from the video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Here you can discuss anything and everything dealing with the boys, their relationship, etc...Share fanart, fanfics, icons, whatnot!

Just a few rules:

~NO TROLLS. This community was actually made because us FaytxAlbel fans had no safe haven to discuss the pairing. This community is for people who LIKE the pairing. If you don't like the pairing, DON'T JOIN. Back button=GOOD. Trolls will be banned immediately.
~Fanfics, fanart, and icons under LJ cuts. If you don't know how to make a cut, consult an FAQ. You may place up to three icons as a preview to the rest, if you want.

And really, that's it for now. Have fun!

-electrumicity and discover, your community leaders.

Reflected Moon - asurarevenge's FaytxAlbel site

cliffxfayt - Cliff x Fayt

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